The Southernmost Town in Europe
Europe towards the sun...
Having the distinction of being the southernmost town facing the African coast, Ierapetra enjoys the smoothest, almost rainless weather in Europe, with a temperature that rarely drops below 12oC all year long!
Surprising Ierapetra... 
Take a leisurely walk in the vivid center of the town along the coast, or into the quiet picturesque narrow streets of Kato Mera, the old town of Ierapetra. 
Pick a handmade gift from any colorful market stall and enjoy the exciting sounds of the busy Cretan life...
No doubt, Ierapetra ‘the bride of the Libyan sea” is the sunniest holiday resort in Europe...
The character and charm of the old warm neighborhood has been retained, whilst it has been given new life as a shopping and eating experience for the visitor. 
A tempting variety of shops, open-air cafes, bars, restaurants and traditional taverns, makes Ierapetra the ideal place to relax, enjoying shopping, eating, drinking or simply wondering around!
The awarded beaches of Ierapetra...
Ierapetra is built on the longest beach in Crete, offering an endless choice
of golden beaches with deep crystal blue waters,
far away from industrial areas and ships passing by !
All major beaches of Ierapetra from Myrtos to Makris Ghialos,
are awarded with the European Committee’s BLUE FLAGS each single year!
In Ierapetra everyone may discover and enjoy his own ‘private’ beach...
‘Chrissi’ island (or ‘Gaidouronissi’) 
A small picturesque uninhabited island of cedar forest with an old chapel of St. Nicholas, tempting golden beaches and the Municipal cantina awaits your long lazy hours of swimming and sunbathing, just 8 miles off the port of Ierapetra (with frequent everyday boat shedules).
Ieraperta is the ideal holiday resort for those who love the sea, the sun,
the music and the traditional Cretan cuisine...
Ierapetra is the ideal starting point for unlimited excursions to the picturesque mountain and seaside Ierapetra provinces. From the Selakano forest in Males to the sea shore, from the western villages of Myrtos and Gra Lygia , to the eastern Koutsounari, Ferma and Makris Gialos, you may enjoy discovering the villages of Anatoli, Kalamafka, Riza, Mournies, Gdochia, Mythi, Messeleri, Makrylia, Ai-Ghianni, Orino, Schinokapsala (Vainia), Kendri, Sravro, Ano Chorio and Kato Chorio, Episkopi, Pachia Ammos, Kavoussi, all built within olive groves and almond trees plenty of water and lush vegetation. There, you will experience a unique people’s expression
of the famous Cretan hospitality !
Festivals and special events... 
Every summer ‘Kyrvia’ a program of varied cultural activities, covers singing and dancing nights by local folk and popular groups, special concerts by famous artists, film projections, theatre performances and many exhibitions of Cretan handicrafts. The ‘Kyvria’ festival always ends with an extraordinary feast with everybody singing and dancing in the streets of the old town ! Traditional festivities also take place in various villages of the area, all year round, with lots of ‘raki’ and local food specialties!
...Enjoy the food ! 
Ierapetra is also famous for its local, delicious cuisine, which is based on olive oil and the luscious variety of its agricultural goods. Try some of the unique local specialities, like ‘vrasti gida’, ‘staka’, ‘mizithropites’, ‘dolmadakia’, ‘kolokithokorfades’ as well as some of the very fresh fish of the Libyan sea, cooked in various ways, in almost every traditional tavern of the area.
35 Centuries of History and Civilization.
Growing from the early years of the ancient Cretan civilization, this gifted and strategic corner of Europe, right in the middle of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea has been always a strong point of interest and activity.
Flourishing under the influence of Ancient Minoan and Greek civilizations and later under the occupation of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, the Saracens, the Venetians and the Turks, who conquered each other inhabiting Crete through the centuries, Ierapetra has always remained one of the most powerful trading centers, as the ‘southernmost gate of Europe’!
Today, the area of Ierapetra is one of the most productive provinces of Greece and one of Europe’s main sources of early fresh fruits, vegetables and olive oil!
Ierapetra. ‘The crossroad of civilizations’...
The Medieval ‘Tzami’...
A typical old mosque of the early Islamic years, together with its muslim
fountain ‘Krini’, have been beautifully preserved up to now.
Napoleon in Ierapetra... 
In July 1798 when Napoleon’s fleet dropped anchor off Ierapetra on its way to Egypt, he was offered hospitality by an Ierapetran family. The remaining of the old Cretan house in Kato Mera, still holds the pride of his historic visit !
The ‘Kales’ Medieval Fortress.
The spirit of the Saracen Pirates leaves on...
Built at the edge of the mole of the ancient harbour, on the side of ‘Serakina’ it is reputed to have been built by the Genoese pirate Pescatore in 1212 and since then it has been strongly tied with Ierapetra’s history. Now, it has been carefully restored and remains open to the public all year long.

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